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Membres du Conseil d'administration 2011

Directrice musicale ~ Musical director

Françoise Turcotte

Président ~ President

Serge Lavertu

Vice-président ~ Vice-president

Secrétaire ~ Secretary

Représentant des étudiants ~ Student representant

Theodore James

Trésorière ~ Treasurer

Nathalie Chabot

Professeurs ~ Teachers

Françoise Turcotte

450-538-7480 violon tous les âges Sutton et Bromont
Stephanie Néron 450-243-0133 violon, alto tous les âges Sutton et Granby
Julie-Alexandra  Deveault 450-372-3888
violon, alto tous les âges Granby et région de Montréal

De bonnes raisons pour se joindre à l'Ensemble Cordes-à-Vent

Viens te joindre à nous!

De l'enthousiasme, de la discipline et le goût de jouer en orchestre, c'est tout ce dont tu as besoin pour te joindre à l'Ensemble Cordes-à-Vent.

Tu es jeune ou adulte, tu joues d'un instrument à cordes depuis quelques années? Viens nous voir et nous entendre, tu auras le goût de partager ton expérience musicale avec les musiciens de l'Ensemble. Il n'y a pas d'examens, de concours ou autres et tu pourras enrichir ton répertoire musical et peut-être jouer ton premier solo accompagné de l'orchestre.

Dans l'Ensemble, tu entendras des musiciens débutants, intermédiaires ou avancés. Quelques professeurs et adultes en font partie. Que tu habites à Sutton ou dans la région, tous sont bienvenus.

Why join the Cordes-à-Vent ?

First of all it is easy to join. You need enthusiasm and discipline. So if you are a young or  a mature person starting out in a learning experience with a musical instrument, you are welcome to come and see what it is all about.

If you have a musical training and are not a professional musician, you may want to join this very dynamic (village) orchestra to maintain what you have learned and keep yourself up to date and active.

If you are a professional musician, serious music student or music teacher you may also enjoy the energetic and joyous practises. Competition, exams, corrections and the like are not to be found here. It is possible to integrate the musical repertoire into student or teacher programmes.

There are occasions for some to challenge themselves and play their first solo or to add both classical and  very different pieces to their repertoire.

The diversity of musicians range from first time orchestra members, to teachers, to parents and various other adults. Besides being bilingual, there are often members of other nationalities. Weekenders and full-time residents alike are welcome.

How to join

Teachers wanting to send their students for an orchestra experience and anyone else who is interested is welcome and can reach Françoise Turcotte at 450-538-7480.

Watching practices to see if this is something you would like to do is also possible. Again please contact Françoise for the time and place.

My daughter started piano and violin. The violin was something we could take with us on weekends and it became the instrument of choice. We discovered Françoise who gave several lessons including one with a ‘boogie’ and a traditional piece. She was invited to join the orchestra and decided to stay throughout her elementary and high school. It was simply fun. Pieces for upcoming concerts were integrated into schoolwork. She played her first solo with the orchestra and enjoyed the non-academic (no exams!!) side. Even after high school, she often came to the Christmas Concerts as they were so special for her.  [ Maïka Zuyderhoff-Craig ]